Robin Austin, camera flash


What a difference 24hrs can make. We’ve gone from Lake Bondi flatness to 3-4 foot pumps in 1 day – hooray! Finally something to wet your appetite…it’s not perfect, bit fat, could be bigger, but in comparison to recent times – gold! So many south facing beaches would have a little wave today…if you’re already on leave I’d bake it out of town. Today is the peak of it as it dwindles into Christmas day flatness…

The weather and water is bang on…25 degrees and perfectly sunny, offshores, and 20 degree summery water. Just the perfect beach day.

So…you’re probably frantically collating your Christmas presents…I hope we can make it easier for you. We received our second shipment of Aquabumps books. Phew. Buy them online here today and if you’re in Australia you will get them before Christmas day (delivered on the 23/24 Dec). BUT, you must be in Australia and order today (overseas takes 5 days). Also, you must get them delivered to a location where someone can sign for them e.g. An office. Sorry, but we can’t call on approach, there is just too many. But you can track it online once we send you a TNT tracking code. Order online, and if your shipping address is different to delivery, just pop it into the Special Instructions. Of course they’re also available along with hundreds of ready to grab artworks in the Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026 Telephone 9130 7788 and we’re open 10am to 6pm every day (closing 5pm on xmas eve).

Adios, uge

Ian Wallace, winner of board riders (for the 5th time)

Ian Wallace, lining up a double up

The left

Sanchez loving the left on his fish

The greens and blues of summer

Sam Mac belting one

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