A bomb set


I’m in Hawaii (HI), aloha. Oh and it’s 100% pumping. Got to the north shore and saw 10 guys get shacked off their nooonah in my first 15 minutes on the balcony. Wow. The waves are soo amazing here – a surf photographers dream. The swell charts for the next week look amazing. You’ll see numbers like 32 under the swell column and 15-16 seconds under the period column. To put it in perspective, that cyclone swell we had in Sydney on Sunday the 16th of Jan was 13 seconds with 8-12 foot ocean swell….and we had calls of “Best ever” and “all time”. It just doesn’t compare.

The WQS Volcom Pipe Pro was on today and they just ran the finals. Jon Jon Florence just won seconds ago…not bad for the local 18 year old. His backyard literally is pipe.

So for the next week we’ll be broadcasting from The Rock. Right now I’ve gotta go sit in a dark room without windows….overloaded – shot for hours. From nearly every room of my shack you can see someone getting ‘shacked’.

The Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend 10am to 6pm and you’ll find it at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach.

Mahalo :: uge (not related to Kalani Robb)

The girls of pipe

Today's winner - Jon Jon Florence

Why doesn't bondi look like this?


7 thoughts on “Aloha

  1. Dear Uge, I haven’t written you in years about your spelling. But really, how do you put something in perceptive? In perspective, maybe?

    Mama Peggy
    Portland, Oregon, USA

  2. I once heard someone compare pipeline to a good looking woman he knew..Very beautiful, very seductive and extremely tempting, but unlesss you knew what you were doing, you will likely be chewed up, spat out and left gasping for life.

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