Luke Mussett and his signature ninja whip

Daily Fix

Half decent morning down the hill today. Started off with a nice sunrise surprise and then clean 2 footers in the bay. It’s dropped, quite a lot from yesterday, but only for today, then it kicks back up again tomorrow with a brand new shiny ground swell. A south one – even better cause we like that direction around here, especially when it’s going to be 4 foot.

Other than that – go for a swim or check out Facebook page where there are more photos (‘cause I couldn’t fit em all in this little daily slice)

As you were :: uge

This is Luke Mussett. One of Bondi's finest rippers

This is Mick Fanning, opps. Mick Malouf.

Golden set chuggs on in

This is Sophie Holtham, she's leaving town.

This is Jahissom Leek

Emerald shores of Bondi

5 thoughts on “Daily Fix

  1. hey uge, sonny here. we are back in london town, good to be home, but missing your sunshine already.
    i was interested to know if you catalogue your images by date?
    i would love to see some images of sunrises etc on the days the kiddie winks were born.
    incase you do, the boys were born on the 27.12.2006 and sweet livvy on the 23.09.2008.
    i hope you are well, and my thoughts and best wishes are with you and deb – must be any week now.
    good luck!

  2. How do I find the article on your site (2007), about the guy who collected surfboards? Sorry no other info, it was a fascinating read.

  3. I hope Sophie is leaving Bondi and moving to my local town ; )

    would make for a pleasant change to the normal sealions and great whites

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