Winds are calming down, no one out...

The broken thermostat

Mornin’. Bet you were confused on what to wear today. I’m not talking which key pieces to blend…more about whether to dress for a Sahara crossing or a cold winter’s day in London. We are all still a bit delirious from the inferno lashing received on Saturday here in Sydney. Then how about that southerly blast late yesterday that FINALLY cooled things down eh?

Bondi was quiet this morning, barely anyone surfing (which is pretty standard for Mondays). It’s 3-4 foot, junkie at 6am but now it’s looking great…real good. Pens down, go for a paddle (if you can).

I’ve taken so many good pictures in the past 10 days. Hawaii was incredible. All my CF cards are choccas…and I’m still sifting through the gold. Outside of my early, grey Bondi shots today, here’s some Hawaiian juice to keep you frothing in your office cubicle. I have so much more, and will do a web gallery (soon).

I have to admit, waking up daily to 6-8 foot Pipe can alter your sense of surfing reality. It was odd to not see anyone in a double head high barrel this morning.

ASMF – Tim Bonython’s surf film festival is on at the North Bondi RSL tonight (7 Feb), 8pm. See you there. Buy tix

My mates on Mentawai Charter boat Tengirri have some early 2011 trips available at a discount. 27th Feb – 10th March – 8 spots, 12 March – 24th March – 5 spots. So if you can make those dates, or recently retrenched with a nice payout – hit the islands, no one there yet and the waves pump! More

Follow the leader

Check out how wide she's throwing

Pit boss

The drop at OTW is just insane

Smudge tube

One of the best lefts in the world.

2 thoughts on “The broken thermostat

  1. you should try living next to lake geneva….the only barrels we see are the ones when the local pub changes kegs…great pics

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