Its about to throw wide


The Banzai Pipeline is a very special place. It’s one of the best left handers in the world full stop. I’ve spent a week staying across the sand from it, watching it’s moods change from angry 12 foot monster closeouts to 3-4 foot cute drainpipes. Pipe has some similarities to Bondi…in that there is ALWAYS someone out no matter what the conditions are. And when it’s on, 60 guys huddle in a 20 sqm take off pit of death. Again like Bondi the beach is packed – mostly with tourists day in and day out. The wave itself is a beast. West swells come from the deep, jack up on the reef and pitch into a hollow so wide that it’s sometimes wider than it is high. People eat it all day here. I’m surprised more don’t go home in ambulances as it’s super shallow and basically slabs of concrete pain underneath.

The first time I swam out with a fisheye to shoot, it was only 4-5 foot. I thought, this is cool, no worries…shooting away happily…plenty of room in the tubes for me, my camera and a surfer…then a monster 8 foot set rolls in and catches me off guard, pins me the reef on all fours, dragging me towards the beach – humbling. It’s a bit like a cheese grater on your limbs. Since then, I’ve got a massive respect for the joint (and always have one eye out the back!).

Needless to say it’s been good, nearly every day. Just check out these photos.

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Tuck and run

How wide is this one?

Green room

SET! Mad scramble as a clean up set approaches

Stylemaster on his mini Mal

Shelter...and nice insider

10 thoughts on “Pipe

  1. i see that your expensive pics are financing your whirlwind worldwide trips…ever thought about you environmental footprint uge – also your helicopter trips around bondi is also NOT SO GOOD for the environment!! – they are noisy and frankly very annoying.

    Just my 2cents

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Do you go on holiday? or do you just stay at home – well, to save the environment of course.

      Just to set the story straight – I haven’t been in a chopper over bondi for a year (March 2010 was the last to be exact). I had planned to go up on Australia Day, but the fog canceled it (that wasn’t me in the other 3 choppers on that day – someone else). So if you’re referring to all the choppers flying around out there, and they’re annoying you – well hell, maybe call them. Nothing to do with me. I’ve been over bondi 3 times in my life, for about 30 minutes at a time…so that’s not a lot and hope the images I take up there bring people happiness.

      So maybe get the facts straight.
      Also – love to hear what you’re doing for the environment. Last time someone complained about my travel and carbon footprint he flew his own private plane on weekends!

      Just my 2 cents worth. Look on the bright side of life Mike.


  2. Mike… WTF?

    That is all.

    Keep up the great work Uge !! Your photos are an inspiration to keep the oceans of the world beautiful. Always respect mother nature.

    Surfing is for the soul, it is free, and doesn’t require anything other than a board, wax, and a leggy.. Hardly harming the planet !!

    I surfed a lonely Zenith beach last week with just my best mate and a pod of dolphins.. I’m still stoked 😉

  3. Uge!
    Hope you’re having a great time over there,
    ever thourght of getting a special water housing and using the Tilt-shift for your surfing shots?
    might look cool

    Have fun!

  4. hate greens! greens are fanatic lunatics and evil!
    don’t worry about the carbon footprints the earth going to live for another 5bln years but we don’t, so go and travel, fly the sky, fish, surf, whatever you want with sence of course

  5. mike,
    i dont work for qantas but im pretty sure that if uge opted to not fly to hawaii the plane still would’ve gone. so to be honest with you, his carbon footprint is no different to if he went for not.
    as for his photo’s, he’s capturing the beauty of nature that may nmot be here in 20 years.
    im 15 so get lost, no ones forcing you to look at them.

  6. Your shots are amazing, beautiful and inspirational.

    Mike: Jealousy is a curse – why cant you make a living off your passion and share it with the world.

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