Perth and 'the thing'


Right now the charts are calling a 15.5 second period, dead south 188 degree, 6-12 foot swell. Now those digits ‘should’ translate to really good waves – especially seeing its offshore (W). Tragically there are no banks at Bondi…the low tide exacerbates a wave type that is unsurfable – Le Close Out. Hence barely anyone out…other than local lone wolf Perth Standlick, hiding in the corner trying to pick a gem from the sets.

Moral of the story, you need more tide or go somewhere else with banks or a chunk of reef today.

Completely unrelated…local AFL club, The Bats are looking for new recruits from the Paddo to Bondi area. Dust off the boots Warwick Capper wannabes. They train down at North Bondi on Sat mornings from 9am.

Gotta run, uge

The beginning

Morning dip

Swimmercam - Anna Simmons


Perth and his lady friend (artwork J.Leek)

Making the most of a close out

13 thoughts on “Theory

  1. Hi Uge,

    Just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for the fantastic photos you send me every morning for free!!! I just love them.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. Thanks for the helpful tip Jason! However this is me, and I would rather be fit, healthy and natural than fantastic plastic.

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