Morning curves


Yesterday’s raging swell has subsided considerably overnight leaving 2-3 footers down at Bondi early today. There’s a whiff of an Autumn chill in the morning air, the first time I’d consider wearing anything more than a teo down the beach. Water is still spa bath warm (24?). Few little peaks popping up here and there…nothing special. Nice beach day…roll down.

Six Ounce Manly

Back Door Benny got lost on his way to work one day and defected to Manly to open a store. Yes, Six Ounce Board store is now open in Man-town. The new fit out looks rad and is choocas full of retro surf vehicles. Go immediately to 48-50 Pittwater Road, Manly NSW 2029 or ring him with abuse on 9977 5569. Webbie

Life is better ’cause you surf…(please explain in 150 words and win a new board every year for 10 years) enter

Jake, tuck n head dippin'

Jake Silverman, Slater look a like (with hair)

Look, another curvy

In a hurry to get another one

Right on the Berg's bank

Christian, showing his Maverick's pig dog stance

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