Ben Bucker, all coloured up

All Time

Ok ok, the surf’s not ‘all time’ but everything else this morning was working quite nicely. Let’s begin with the colour spray sunrise at 6:00am above Ben Buckler. One of its finest. Thin cloud lit up like a bomb fire…then how about the water…it’s 24 degrees and warmer in than out. No wetties required…spend hours in there. And yes, there’s a small wave chugging in the corner being feed by a violet rip. It’s only 2 maybe 3 foot, but plenty of good ones. I spent more time swimming against the rip than I did shooting this morning. Needed a mooring to stay in the right spot.

Dues are having another Surf Swap Meet tomorrow. 98 – 104 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown 10am to 5pm Saturday, February 26

Should the weather hold up, we’ll be in the helicopter shooting tomorrow around 2pm. Why? Well…it looks to be a decent day, the water is so green/blue at the moment and the crowds will be out. So come down if you’d like to be a in a shot. 2pm at Bondi that is. Any part of bondi.

Our Facebook is a hive of enthusiasm with 17,500 following…ava a lookie.

If you like today’s sunrise and want to see more…well I’ve been shooting the sunrises for 12 years now and have a collection of the best in the gallery. Come see, Aquabumps Gallery 10am to 6pm all weekend, 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach (behind the old Bondi hotel and next door to the TAB). Telephone 9130 7788.

Enough already, uge

Colours of the bay this morning

Bruce Stafford

The leftovers from the sunrise

Wal, springs coiled

Morning dip

Rama, about to hit it.

7 thoughts on “All Time

  1. Yeah baby,

    Those shots are smokin Uge. You never stop serving up some gold, look forward everyday to that little Uge email in the inbox.

    Have a good one mate.

  2. Jason – we have a app. but apple at being silly buggers and stffed up our download. I am not sure if I wamt to spend more money on it.

  3. Uge, I lost my internet connex on friday so missed your shots. soooooo beautiful you can even feel the sydney in this top shot. absolute best yet with the reflection of the lights. love it dude.

  4. whats up uge,
    Oh you non believers. how dare you doubt the aussie sky. they are very real. i personally saw a real double rainbow that streacher infront of a pinkish purplish sky with a cluster of small golden clouds. it looked like dragon skin and i wont ever forget it.

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