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Happy Mondays

Monday’s are a good day. Start of a new week and all the office workers are hiding in their cubicles recuperating from a weekend of debauch activities. Yes I’m talking to you Birdie. The line-up at South Bondi is quiet, empty and resembling a country beach. Who’d thought 20,000 people graced these shores only a couple of days ago soaking up the last rays of summer? Saturday was magnificent day wasn’t it? Finally we got the bird over Bondi for some more aerial photos (after many, and I mean many weather cancellations). The water was emerald green and barely a patch of sand spared – full house. I took a lot of photos, these photos are going to take some time to sift thru…so if you’re on the beach, be patient please. Some of the best will be on show in a gallery (soon).

Quiky Pro – kicked off on Saturday but on hold at the mo. The waves don’t look promising at this stage for the comp – maybe it will play out at D-bah? Pray for swell.

Good bye :: uge

Wave of the day, woohoo



Full House

North Bondi Flags

Mid Bondi masses

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