Rama McCabe thrashing a 2 footer


Feels like Singapore around here, 36 degrees, humid and chance of a thunderstorm. Damn nice in the water, how could you not.

A small ‘wave’ chugged in on the south bank from time to time. Nice and clean 1-2 foot. Definitely worth doing something in the ocean today.

The swell is forecast to pump up slightly later tonight and the rest of the week should have south –east swell supply (with flanking onshores).

Enjoy :: uge

slippery when wet

Blue steel - Chris Dorje Walker

Chris doing 'the cockaroacha'

Water Ballet

Pregnant chick gone wild

Morning golden light

4 thoughts on “muggy

  1. hey Uge, nah he’s Chris Searl
    ironically he’s one of my fave photographers
    present company excluded obviously!

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