Rama McCabe throwing heat


It’s here…the soothing cool southerly dropping the temps and bringing the swell. Bondi loves the southerly. Waves were breaking 4-5 foot and of course it was maxed out – many folding into closeouts. Perhaps when the winds kick to the north in the afternoon it will shape up.

Only 3 people out. Luke, Paul + Rama. Wave selection was key. Water is super warm. Blueys out in force.

They’re having a rough time up on the Goldie for the 1st tour event of the year, basically no swell as they postpone another day of surfing (that’s 4 days off in a row). Fortunately swell will be hitting towards the tail end of the waiting period…let’s hope it pumps for the top 44.

Later :: uge

Paul Yewers over from Perth


Luke Wyllie, hungry for a set

Rama, designer for Oneill

Rama, in form

Luke Wyllie

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