Lip tickle

baked shorey

Ok, after a short stint of winter yesterday we’re back in summer’s bake – hooray. Waves are clean, 2-3 foot and green. Winds offshore. Most banks at Bondi had something playful – but if you wanted performance waves a short drive in the car was the best option. Big crowd up early before work…plenty of sunshine…

There’s a steep shoreline at South Bondi…and I love it. It’s throwing a crazy shorebreak lip right on the sand. Spent 1 hour hanging around watching swimmers get nailed. Fun! Still pulling seaweed out of my ear. Swell dropping (fast)…hit it.

Have a nice day kids :: uge

If ONLY I could squeeze in that with my board


Rooster tail

With 24 degree water you only need boardies

Something nice and curvy

Nicki Smith about to get munched by the shorey

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