Caleb Reid, punting off the lip


Weird, we had swell yesterday morning…and by the afternoon session it had totally disappeared – flat – just like Snapper at the Quiky pro. Then at sunrise today it beefed up to 3-4 foot. Shame Bondi can’t handle that kind of chunk and you have to drive elsewhere (standard). I did find a couple of hanging lips out the back and plenty of wash to keep me busy.

All weekend we’ve got 3 foot waves flanked with SSE. Should be some (onshore) fun ones.

Ok, so the Aquabumps Gallery is open 10am to 6pm. We have books’n’artworks a plenty. You’ll find us at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi (in between a TAB and CIVIC video – everything you need on a Saturday cloudy morning). Telephone 9130 7788

Good bye, uge

Jodie Swimmercam

In the gurgler

Local waterman, Barney and his chopping board


Dan Marlon, he really wanted to be in today's update

Green hook

4 thoughts on “Return

  1. Really nice water shot of the barrell – shame it is a close out – but this photo gets my feet into auto response tube riding mode. love it – thanks

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