Kelly Slater, the man...

Quiky Pro is the go

So here we are, up at the Goldie for the Quiksilver Pro presented by Land Rover. After a week of lay days, it’s back on with all the big guns hitting the water at Snapper. It’s only 3 foot, but Snapper is such a good wave with pockets of gold in multiple sections – the idea of surfing it with one other is VERY appealing. I think Kelly was surfing out there, hard to see with thousands of people in the shallows, on rocks, up trees and any other vantage point. Kelly has it good …yet has worked hard for it, at 39 years old he’s in top shape and shredding his 16 year old opponent, Matt Banting, the wild card, to pieces.

Watch it live…$10 says Jordy wins.

And have a great week…

Adios, ugios (north of the border)

Kelly Slater gouge

Corey Lopez, tight back hand stab

Hot wave...even when 3 foot

Jordy Smith, he's gonna win

Matt Banting, the 16yrd wild card

Michel Bourez from Tahiti

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