Brazillian gun Gabriel Medina, bustin' out


It’s that time of year again where aerial masters of the universe roll into Bondi and bust out their finest moves. Yes, the Boost Surf Sho is here…pity the swell hasn’t arrived with it.

This morning we had small 1-2 footers on a left bank towards the middle. It was packed. Owen Wright (last year’s boost winner) paddled out and 10 guys dropped in, text book Bondi! Shortly after two next generation, high performance, Brazilian surfers Gabriel Medina and Miguel Pupo rolled out puttin’ on an impressive show. Waves should come up a little over the weekend…

Boost Air Sho

So what’s the event schedule? Full Details

  • Today – juniors which including Bronte’s Ethan Davies and Bondi’s Pama Davies
  • Tomorrow – the trials, Perth Standlick, Otis etc.
  • Sunday – the heavy hitters…the final will be at 2:15pm with a Tow session at 12:15pm

Six Ounce

Latest News : Benny Lucas has defected to Manly and opened a Six Ounce Exotic Board store at 48-50 Pittwater Road. Telephone 9977 5569. The creep has all the usual retro inspired surf vehicles in all fancy colours and sizes. Go see him.

The Rocks

When I was a kid I used to sleep in my old HQ ute at a break called ‘Carparks’ (near Margs). It was my favourite wave in the world. Just a notch better than Seconds or Cove. Just up from ‘Carparks’ was a deserted beach – let’s call it the ‘Rocks’, which was always unsurfable, bankless and quite boring. Well, recently West Oz scored a once in a lifetime north swell thanks to Cyclone Bianca drifting south. This rare swell lit up banks that have never been surfed. And oh boy, it’s some of the best waves in a very long time. You must watch this video to believe it. The boys over there haven’t stop talking about it.

Enough ramble, uge – come see us in the gallery all weekend 10am to 6pm if you’re coming to the Surf Sho.

Brazil's Miguel Pupo - look at the size of wave

Bondi's Pama Davies

Owen Wright gettin' burnt - ruthless

All this air biz bit much for cruiser, Poppy Wise

Gabriel Medina

Ben Buckler Glow

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