Josh Kerr, fin flash for the cameras


What a big weekend for Bondi…the Boost Air Sho hit our beach filling it with flamboyant aerial masters. Thousands came down to watch. Josh Kerr, a total stand out, won the comp and is now $25k richer. All the crew surfed amazing in the, erm, embarrassing small Bondi conditions. Saturday afternoon I was getting my hopes up as I saw sets hitting 2+…then Sunday was nothing more than a dribble…the bigger surfers struggled (e.g. Jordy + Owen) in 1 foot weakness. The smaller whippets excelled, boosting off the 1 footers. I have around 40 gig worth of aerial gold. So web galleries will go up this week…thanks for your patience.

The word on the street is that Slater, who was missing from the weekend’s Boost comp is heading to the Drug Aware Pro at Margaret River, April 3-10 …don’t think he’s won that one (yet)…I’m sure Margs is going to be turned upside down now with Slater-Fever. If you want to win a weekend to the comp go here.

No waves today. Nice sunrise though. Waves look good tomorrow (3-4 ft).

Bye :: uge

Winner of the Boost Air Sho - Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr - consistent

Bigger crowds than the Quiky Pro

Owen Wright, last year's winner

Otis Carey from North Bondi

Will Ranken and a decent sunrise

2 thoughts on “Boost

  1. I’m hoping Uge will be down at Bells for April and take some of his usual quality snaps of both surf and morning shots…

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