Johannes Leak, taking the top off a choppy right


The southerly has been and gone… and so has the swell. Last night I saw chunky 4 footers marching in and now only 2 footers grace Bondi’s shores…(weak 2 footers too). Blink and you would’ve missed that spike in swell…oh well, there’s something good brewing for the weekend. I’m talking 18 second, 6-8 foot goodness on Saturday….so perhaps hold out until then.

A good friend has just finished an amazing book for the famous Kings Cross Wayside Chapel “Stories from the Wayside”. It’s amazing. Written by Reverend Graham Long and created by Andrew Henderson. Photographed by Paul Westlake, Gary Heery, Hugh Stewart and Grant Matthews (they’re big names). Buy your copy online and all proceeds go directly to the Wayside. Buy

See you tomorrow, uge

Taj Burrow, World Ranked #4

Great start to the day

Perth Standlick, close out bounce

A good idea for today

Sunrise surfers

Sam Cockle, a digit older today

2 thoughts on “Wayside

  1. Great Start to the day – best pic EVER.

    Wayside book – is brilliant, emotive and raw if you haven’t brought it you should.

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