Bondi Icebergs Hues


I’ve taken a lot of photos today. Around 4 hours’ worth. Guess that says it’s a good day, good light, good weather, good little waves and a salubrious water temp.

The swell has backed off again, and is only 2 to 2.5 foot now. Not much wind so everything is neat and glassy. Lots of options, lots of little fun ones. Enjoy.

This Saturday night there is a fundraiser at the Bondi Pavilion to help support suicide prevention in our community. The ‘Hold Out Your Hand Fundraiser’ will be held in the High Tide Private Function Room on the Ground Level of the Bondi Pavilion on Saturday, 19th March from 6pm till after midnight. Tickets $25, Live music, auctions, drinks…do it. more

Lifeguards setting up for the day

Robin Austin

Colour Sky Scratches

That's one way to get in a barrel

Phil Guers, enjoying some time off work

Ian Wallace

7 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. don’t need for a ny antisuicide compains the 2012 is near by however it’s already started in japan soon the whole world will be like zombi-japaland .
    message for suiciders : “hold on we all will die”

  2. Matt – I’ve been thinking on it for hour, trying to work it out….what are you talking about David c?

  3. these photos are amazing i seen you on sunrise today and thort your photography of the beach and sunrises were just what i like 🙂 they are all very beautiful and well done 🙂

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