Reform angles...


There’s some nice deep holes in them sand banks at Bondi. Sets break on the outer banks then crumble to the beach before reforming into a nice little left rip bowl. It was short and only 2-3 foot, but the best option this morning.

It’s gonna get bigger as the day progresses, like 5-6 foot big. The southerly, which was toying with us this morning, has now set it and will gain power as well. Surf? Well, onshore chunks later today will keep you entertained and the crowds will be light on, especially since the clocks have switched back and the after work crowd has now shifted to the before work crowd.

Love Mondays.

:: uge

1 beer, 1 goon cask, 1 blanket, 3 people and a big night

Light beams

Reform left

Reform beach slappers. Oops.

Jono rodeo style

Closeout reos..

One thought on “Reform

  1. Saw the interview last week and was very impressed with the reach you have and the number of people who receive your daily shots.

    I work at Picton in NSW and live around the area, so rarely get to the beach. this is unlike my earllier years when I lived at Coogee and Maroubra. Could I receive your daily shots as a reminder of our beautiful beaches.



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