Fat lip


Howdy. The expected swell hasn’t really turned on (yet). The charts were showing an increase in swell activity today, but I don’t think it’s arrived. Must be running late.

Currently we have a small groundswell from the east, and the wind is barely blowing (maybe 4 knots from the west) – so she’s super clean out there. Fun waves pretty much all over town, 3 footers…some bigger sets.

Opted for a drive down to Cronulla to find some wedgey slabs. Some nice thick and curvy ones coming thru. Last time I shot pics at this chunk of reef I had to get my head stitched….not today! (though Gezza got a love bite on a set).

Looks like this swell is a 1 hit wonder and will dissipate tomorrow.

Adios, uge

Matt Griggs, like a Tiiiiiiiiiiiiger

Eye of the storm

Andy King

Jez Hrbach


Duck Kingy...

3 thoughts on “Curves

  1. Sick autumn shots, definitely a lot bigger than 3 foot on the north side, swell very much arrived

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