Mick Marjanovic picking off the set of the morning


After I posted the update yesterday the swell kicked big time. Oh boy there were some great waves in town, some hitting the 8 foot + mark. The swell direction is still East, and it’s not as good as yesterday afternoon, but still plenty of surfing options. Rain hasn’t stopped though – and probably won’t for the rest of the day. High tide 9am, low tide 3pm. Cold day with 20, currently 6 knot west winds, will swing more southerly.

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Have a good day, hope you score some waves :: uge

Swimming was interesting in the ocean pools this a.m.

Hollow right peak goes unridden

Long bottom turn

Nice wall on the left

Mick Marj


4 thoughts on “Kick

  1. Just what I needed to get me through today. Thanks for the images. You certainly know how to capture the moment. The only shame of it is I know where I’d rather be.

  2. From your photos it seems that Tama was a good place to be this chilly morning…
    but for those who surfed in Bondi half a dozen dolphins were playing between surfers (and the waves were not bad at all too) 🙂

  3. yes, the dolphins on bondi were great. first time i saw them so close. they were swimming around and under my board, it was amazing :))))
    anyone has any good pictures? i only got gopro video, but visibility wasn`t good under water 🙁

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