A fruity lil' corner bowl

Gold Plated

If you braved the chill and rolled down the hill to Bondi you would have found some entertaining waves this morning. It’s around 3-4 foot, offshore, clean and working on a few banks. The side-on light broke through around 7am, gold plating everything in its course (my favourite). A rare tube was on offer right in the corner. It broke intermittently…guess you just had to be in the right spot at the right time. Couple of dudes scored in my 45 mins down there.

52 suburbs

Fellow blogger and photographer, Louise Hawson, of the 52 suburbs.com fame currently has her exhibition up at the Museum of Sydney – oh and launched her book as well! Louise set out to shoot a different suburb of Sydney every week seeing she’d barely explored many of Sydney’s 600+ suburbs. Hell, I barely make it out of Bondi (duh)! Louise’s take on Sydney is very unique and I recommend having a look at MOS.


Running Aquabumps we get a lot of questions, what camera, what f-stop, where to dine in Hawaii, good accommodation in Maldives…we try to get back to all (but sometimes it’s just not possible). The 2nd most asked question is about the island paradise of Bali. Been there a lot, even had a gallery there at one point. Well, here is a draft of our Bali tips (typos and all). People always ask me about Batu Karang, the luxury resort on Lembongan Island (just off Bali) where it’s quiet, surf is good (Shippies) and suitable to take your lady friends in style. We stayed there once upon a time and blogged from the island.

Ok, bye :: uge

A brave winter swimmer

Another grinder

Board shaper, Andrew Harris frothin'

Andrew Harris picking up a peach

Karlos Page, fully extended

Karl Page

7 thoughts on “Gold Plated

  1. G’day,

    i have just recently signed up to your daily blog and i love it. I have to admit that i dont surf, although i have tried, but your photos are fantastic and it allows me once a day for 5 minutes to think of where i would rather be other than stuck at a desk in Melbourne.

    So thank-you very much and as always i look forward to your next installment and hats off to the “brave winter swimmer” i say


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