The Green Hornet, undie run in 6.8 degrees!

The green hornet

People often ask me about the funny stuff I see on my early morning meanderings. Funny stuff is pretty much on tap down at Bondi. For example, at 7am this morning whilst I was shooting/basking in morning light, a gentleman ran past me wearing nothing but, what looked like, bright green undies. Odd. The outfit came complete with Crocs for jogging, a (bulgy) bumbag strategically positioned over the jewels and a walkman blaring 80s tunes. Oh, did I say it’s 6.8 degrees this morning and probably colder in the shade? Before all our northern hemi readers hit reply and tell me that 6.8 degrees is a summers day up there, and you cook snaggers on your car bonnet in such weather, 6.8 for Sydney – IS COLD. So who was this green hornet? Was it you Jamie Verco? Most importantly, the green hornet was a happy man…enjoying the fruits of a stunning morning. Onya champ.

Back to the surf. It’s good, real good. 3-4 foot, clean, crispy and uncrowded. In fact Bondi had only 3 people out. Enough said.

Peter Eastway is a damn good landscape photographer, teacher and nice guy. His Antarctica exhibition opens this Thursday at the Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence Street Sydney CBD. See

Ok, I know you’re busy, it’s Monday :: uge

P.S. the Aquabumps gallery is now open every Monday, that’s today for those that had a big weekend (yep, 7 days a week 10am to 6pm) t :02 9130 7788

Unridden morning curl

The pinks of 1st light igniting a set wave


Sam Macintosh, foam slaying

Sam Mac, tube riding on his own


12 thoughts on “The green hornet

  1. How can this mornings straight handers be anywhere near classed as good? Great conditions, poor banks and one in a handfull of waves being made.

    1. Hi Macca,

      If you look out there now (11:30am), yes, its dead straight handers (it’s low tide)

      The report was shot and written on the full early morning high tide, which means they were not closing out.

      But yeah, don’t bother surfing Macca, I need to fill my quota up!


  2. as usual uge, you have the timing and the eye – I have a request, could you please take a pic of the surfboat on a wave – the sculpture that the green hornet just ran past – I remember it being a very nice piece of work – ta muchly


  3. uge
    thats funny. i guess when it warms up the hornet will switch to speedos, with shrinkage an all.

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