Golden dust post set


Wow what a morning…The swell peaked at sunrise and is thumpin’ right now. One of the best days shooting in some time…my cards are full of golden light, big chunks and roaring offshore plumes. Most breaks in our area are max’ing out. Bronte had a fat (big) wave – breaking wide (6ft +), nothing special. It’s a day to get out of the Eastern Suburbs and you’ll score big time. Unfortunately this swell backing off a little and the wind will kick around to the NE. It’s a long period swell (17 seconds to be exact) which means you have to wait for the sets. Love this time of year.

Julian from Surfection Mosman is having a big wetsuit sale. Nothing beats a new sealed steamer at this time of year – especially when the waves are so good. Go see him at 522 Military Road, Mosman 9969 1011.

Seeya, uge

Bomb left


Close out

Big fat chunk, fizzing out the back

Chain gang

Right-hander gold

11 thoughts on “Chunky

  1. Pity you didn’t get a shot of the whale swimming through the big sets the bay in Bondi, absolutely amazing!

  2. Hiya, Saw the whale at Bronte, tracked it to Bondi but it didn’t really do anything to photograph. next time, uge

  3. I was watching the sets come in down the bra while waiting for the bus.. haven’t seen anything that intense in a while, and it was sooo clean!’

    Great work as always

    Katie – Dollface

  4. Great timing with your shots. I like the “dip” in particular.
    I enjoy your work greatly. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sweet! Your boy has a name! I was thinking Chase but a bit too eager. Would get paid out. Awesome work! Jet! Huzzah. Very happy on such a solid choice. Oh yes.

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