Ethan Davis, local power grom, on fire


Hola. Gettin’ out of that toasty car this morning was well worth it. Yesterday’s booming swell has halved, ok maybe even quartered, but there’s plenty of fun ones still to be had. Expect to wait a while in between sets…the lulls were long and the surfaces were clean.

I swam around Bronte this morning. Super nice in and a few on the reef. Getting a bit fat with the incoming tide.

Sonoma – do you know they just opened up in Bondi? Yep. Good bread n coffee here in Bondi. Right near the Aquabumps gallery in the new development next to Bondi Hotel. It’s good.

Ok, have good day :: uge

Grommie stoke.

Droppin' in

Hey that's Big Wave Dave


Green curlers

Ethan Davis, lining up wave of the day

13 thoughts on “Bronnie

  1. Ethan davis’ is killing it…
    Best he gets his Dad to buy those prints and blow them good as it gets!!

  2. While I didn’t surf the waves of Bronte, I did live above one of the cafes with a very good flat mate and met lots of good Bronte mates, had the most wonderful of times, My Bronte Halycon Days, and I did do some body surfing – and is a matter of fact got dumped really really badly one cloudy moody late afternoon – ouch – a mere flesh wound 🙂 and a mere blip in the gloriious memory radar of Bronte Days Gone By………………………….Hope to revisit sometime soonish. Hats off to all things Bronte 🙂

  3. Watch out swimming at Bronte, seen a big manta ray out there a few times lately. He’ll get ya if you’re not careful!

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