Crystal clear duck diver

Pitter Patter

I sat in the car park for 30 minutes this morning, heater cranking, windscreen wipers going mad. No bootie camps, no surfers, no joggers, nothing but rain and a sloppy 3-4 foot. Hang on, one guy was surfing Bronte…but he wasn’t getting’ much. I would have shot Bondi should someone have paddled out…it actually looked like you’d get the odd wave, on your own of course. Before all the hard core Body surfers/swimmers email in, saying they were out – onya buddies – but I didn’t see you!

To light up your day I thought I’d show you some pics of my recent Hawaiian sojourn. I have around 30 gig from my last trip, and I’ve barely been through them all. Hawaii rocks. Far out the waves are good there. Heavy.

Creepy Julian is having a wetsuit sale at Surfection Mosman. Go pick up a new steamer for winter.

Good bye :: uge

Speed blur (jonjon?)

How good is this wave?

Beach park swimmer

Serious set wave.

The sunset queue

Ok, Ok, this is today

5 thoughts on “Pitter Patter

  1. Hi there, Hawaii is definitely busy to surf. But the waves are magic.

    De – pics of the little baby – soon! :: uge

  2. Wow!!! Great pictures! Would love to see some more Hawaii shots.. especially if the weather stays slicky in Bondi..

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