Empty Lake Bondi


This freezing, howling wind has blown all the swell out to sea by the looks of it. Bondi at 6:10am didn’t even break – Lake Bondi. However, by 8:00am I saw a ‘wave’ every 15 minutes…then at 9:10am there’s a little something to sample – 1 to 2 foot, breaking nice on the left. Could be tidal. Could just be a mini pulse.

Tomorrow afternoon it should come back (please Huey). Pray for swell.

So you’re looking for things to do…check out Stab’s night surfing video (hot), My brothers had a party on the weekend – do you think they could have any more people at their joint? (in Singapore), how about checking out local film genius Rob Norman’s snow vids Rip Raw

Ah yes, we’ve been having technical problems lately…yep I know. Emails coming in late, slow etc. Basically there is too many of you and our image heavy email is choking our server. So we’ve chumped the server up and working on a solution…thank you for your patience. No really…today should be much better.

Out :: uge

Mini A-Frame

The fire behind the point

Wave of the day - before it pulsed

Bet there will be a ice skating rink here soon

Wetsuits on today

A dissatisfied customer

15 thoughts on “Level

  1. i lived at bondi for 20 years my dad had a hamburger shop there and i never seen it so flat, alwys small. top photo good work as always

  2. nah its because of the residual radiation in the atmosphere from Fukushima and the soon to melt down plants in America

  3. Thanks for the images. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t see Bondi like this. Living in Perth for 22 years sucks (next to no surf). Coming back to see my mum and will be (hopefully) having a wave. I still maintain my membership of Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club (45 years now). Catch me @getmysurfboard

  4. 3p.m. … Just got out of the water at south end. Offshore still blowing, some razor sharp small waves. Nice left hander down there – 1 to 2 ft, occasional bigger one. Taj in the water. He even gave me a wave! Must be a nice bloke or took pity on me because I’m an old bugger. Bondi can be a pain in the arse but love it on these small but almost perfect winter days when you get the tide and wind just right.

  5. Hey Uge,

    Winter solstice was this morning, at 3.17 am AEST according to my googling. That shot of the sunrise behing Ben Buckler will now start to come back south from here on.

    Man I hate those daylight hours shortening. Heads up everyone. Those seasonal affective disorder sufferers (pretty much everyone, although few realise it) will start to improve from here on in. 🙂

    1. @ Ben – been drinking?

      @Nigel – all my effects are done in camera with lenses – not afterwards. Thanks buddy

      @Zuma – yeah I heard there is a little bump in the corner, I’ve been watching it grow all day long – getting dark, so I don’t think I’ll squeeze a surf in today

      @Greg – Perth’s not that bad – get a boat and go to Rotto, Strickos rocks. I love that joint. Love shooting there also.

      @COl – Hmmm has been 2 bangin’ sunrises in a row – ash cloud maybe? Anyone know?

      Thanks everyone, enjoy the pics and have a good day. :: uge

  6. Hey
    Yes Ice rink is arriving on Friday and all should be up and running by 5pm on the 30th.
    Going to be here all night to get it flat for tmrw. Got the bug lights up may be some night time surfers.
    Come check it out.

  7. The night surfing video is great – though note it was filmed in a wave pool – not the ocean. Lots of digital effects are at work.

    Greatest session of my life so far was a moonlight surf around midnight at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz in Feb 2006.

  8. uge
    thats a bitch and the pits.
    I once heard of this dude that was pretty good with cyber stuff. his addy was ( gefair.com)
    maybe aim or one of the first. any way he might cpyld help. wish i could. i love
    y bumps man. thanks as always brp.

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