Keiron Lewis, cruzin'


Thought the swell was going to pump up a bit this morning – looks to be running late. We still have some 1 foot dribbles with infrequent, one-every-15-minute-sets. It’s clean, winds are grooming offshore and not a cloud in the sky. Winds will blow 20 knots from the SW (that direction of wind is always cold – direct from the snow fields).

Lots of activity down the beach this morning – A big pod of dolphins raced past the line-up whilst a whale breached out the back. Hope you got down there.

Scurvy – We could all eat more greens. Local Bronte surfer Gav (Bagus) has a fruit and veg delivery service direct from Flemington markets. Get a box delivered to your door weekly.

Adios, Ugios

Dolphins in the bay this morning

The groms

Golden morning light

Pocket on the right

Geoff...down there every single day

Carrot top

15 thoughts on “Late

  1. Hi Uge, thanx for the shot of Keiron today! it s good to see a bit of logging on! quality , as usual!
    sully/los loggos

  2. Geoff ,your smile is pleasant.
    I like the sea,so beautiful.
    I like your life ,full of outer side exercise.

    Best regards to your family and you .

  3. Uge, your photos over the years have made me contemplate moving to Bondi! Seems to me to be the place to live…

  4. I have been looking for “Fruitman Sam” website for over a year after I clicked an add on coastalwatch and forgot to bookmark it. Unfortunate I had to wait that long I wanted to try its services. That guys needs more advertisment I guess. Thanks for that Uge.

    PS: Unhappy I missed the dolphins today at Bondi, typical day I would have been out, I guess I will have to make up for it with some New-Caledonian reef 😉

  5. Hey Uge,
    Should of being at Tama the dolphins were just cutting laps between Maccas to Bronte and back. Me and my mate got to surf with 10-12 of them. We were waiting for you to come by and get the perfect photo with us. Also I was banging on the longboard getting plenty of tip time. Next time Uge, next time…

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