Ian Wallace, basking in the morning sun

Morning Sparks

I sat on a rock this morning for a good hour watching 20 odd crew pick off some nice little waves. It’s only 2-3 foot and breaking tight in the corner amongst the morning glare – fun and consistent. There are more lefts than rights but I think that will change as the tide pushes in. The water is 18 degrees, which um, is OK, but the dash from the car park will wake you up.

It’s not going to get any bigger than this, in fact it will start to decline into a swell-less weekend. Winds are offshore westerly and a lot lighter than recent days. Enjoy it kids…

Le Aquabumps Gallery is open 10am to 6pm both Saturday and Sunday for all your blank wall filling needs.

151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach, NSW 2026 Telephone 02 9130 7788. If you’re overseas – we ship globally – yep!


Rob - power hook

Otis Carey double grab bunny hoppin'

Morning sparks

Otis Carey

Ian Wallace frontside joy

Kirby Loft, short visit from Newcastle

14 thoughts on “Morning Sparks

  1. Been a fan of your site for a long time but that first pic is as good as it gets for me… nice one!
    Quick questions, I’ve got 3-4 old boards that aren’t really worth the time, money or effort to sell, since your the man in the know, are you (or your readers) a where of any charities that i can donate these boards too. I want them to go to a good cause and my Google machine doesn’t seem to be giving me the right answers?

  2. Thanks for tuning in Dave. Yeah that pic of Wal is pretty good me likey. Light is good at the moment. Mate not sure which charities take boards – st vinnies on hall street Bondi? ::uge

  3. Hi Uge, I live in Western Australia and love looking at all your photos. They are just brilliant. Next time I visit East coast I will be sure to drop into the gallery and will probably be even more blown away. Just a quick question though, what housing do you use for your 5d mark II? I want to get one before summer and spend a lot of time at the beach photographing. If you could send me a link or something I would greatly love it.
    Love your stuff mate. Have a good one.

  4. We don’t comment all the time – cause we like to save them for when you really deserve them. Today is one of those days – with the first shot of Wal absolutely amazing. Tell Wal he’s only got a few more years of hogging all the waves – then it’s my turn. JWT.

  5. Love the angles in the bunny hoppin shot – looks like he kept goin skywards out of the shot.
    Water this morning was exactly as you describe: beautiful and refreshing in (no wettie required) but fffrrrreeezing sand to run across! Hope it stays like this for some time yet.

  6. Great shots today, your photographic skills are superb……As the sister of surfie brothers and nephews I am enjoying your emails.

  7. WANTED – Unwanted Surfboards
    Do you or anybody you know have any surfboards that are no longer wanted. If you do they will can be taken to the Port Kembla Community Centre who will organise to have them shipped to New Guinea for young men over there to use.
    Please pass this along for people to contact me if they have any surfboards they no longer want. 0242763433 or 0402545332 email trpgit@gmail.com
    Please post this on your status, pass onto other surfers and let me know if you can help out 🙂

  8. Hey Dave GC,

    mate, im a nineteen year old. always cool to help out a mate. Id love to take the boards off your hands. I have a couple ppl in mind that can really benefit from the boards. Im new to surfing and could use one of them my self:) as for the other ones im keen to find them good deserving homes. maxgencher@hotmail.com


    uge, congrats on the micro grom… all the best.

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