Built like a tank


It’s not looking very inviting out there. Rain, onshores and dribble – chilly too. Today is all about transition from the sunny northerlies to the south storm (which is drawing in a big swell for the weekend). Heads down, work hard and free up some time for tomorrow arvo and weekend when the surf picks up.

Bondi is home to some of the most expensive beach side real estate in Australia (don’t we all know it). It’s also home to some beautiful old retro buildings. Since the waves were pretty bad this morning I drove around and snapped a few.

They’ve run some rounds of the Quiky Pro New York in cross shore 3-4 foot. Wow that water looks BROWN over dere. The event is currently off (with the time gap), but you can normally see live stuff here.


Bye for now.

:: uge

Boot camp lefts

Lurline needing some reno love

Mush slaying

The Hobbit (Good bacon and egg rolls)

The blue building, one of my favs

The building above Sean's

7 thoughts on “Retro

  1. yes, the water looks brown only because it is brackish from the Hudson, Raritan, Passaic, Shrewsbury, and Navesink river emptying into lower Hudson Bay and the Raritan Bay. If you drive 35minutes east of Long Beach, the water is crystal clear blue (google “robert moses beach” or “democrat point”).

  2. Love the art deco scattered around Bondi. shame new developments can’t be a little more sympathetic to the style and heritage. Generally what got built in the 70’s/80’s is an utter eyesore.

  3. Lovin the bld pics 😉 there are some beauties along the bondi shoreline…pity they by-passed the colourful section when they re-painted the Bondi Hotel though. Bland neutrals are just not nearly as much fun as a bricht splash of colour!

  4. Oh the blue one! Mark T and I used to live in the bottom right apartment of La Pacifique as the old art deco neighbours were torn down one by one around us. Fond memories of early morning water wake ups thru winter, and glimpses of sun streaming thru the front room on a mid-Summer’s day while leafing thru the crappy Sunday papers.

  5. Hi matt_from_brooklyn, yeah that robert moses beach looks good…one day I will make it up there. Love to hit NYC.

    Mark – love that La Pacifique – love the colour of it mate. looks like a building that will last the storms for sure.
    (built thick)

    Thanks everyone, will take some more building snaps for sure. :: uge

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