The Opera house from another angle

The summer bird

I rolled down the beach this morning hoping that the inbound south swell had maybe come early. It hadn’t, the rain has set in and I shot 3 very ugly photographs from the front seat of my car. It’s only 1-1.5 foot. I’m not even gonna show you those 3 photos – they’re that bad.

I’m lucky enough to take a lot of photographs from helicopters. I am really into it. Most of the thousands of shots taken live on hard drives in my server room – never to be seen. Sometimes I trawl through them thinking I haven’t even been into that folder before. Well here’s a few outtakes from chopper rides over the past 4 years. Hopefully this will remind you, on a very grey, rainy, gloomy day, what’s just around the corner – yes kids, summer.

By now you all know we’ve launched a Bikini and Board short range with Speedo. They’ve gone nuts. Well tomorrow you can meet the face of Speedo, Miss Universe Australia Rachel Finch at the Bondi Sunburn store (178 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach) from 12 to 2. All welcome. There’s a mini bikini parade, the Rescue Boys etc…come long! I will be there holding the waters.

It’s gonna be big all weekend and favourable wins. Go surfing.

:: uge

Summer Swimmers

Baking in the sun

Recognise this beach?

a hot day in the northern corner

The learner brigade

11 thoughts on “The summer bird

  1. Uge,

    Got to disagree with your views on this morning mate, thought it was great this morning. Yeah it was raining but the waves were super clean (hard to see the waves coming in it was that clean) and there was only five of us hanging out down there, i’d take that over sharing waves with 50 guys on a sunny day anytime.

  2. Uge, love your site! I’m an expat living in Canada…far from the beach. Your great shots are helping to keep me sane. Keep up the terrific work!

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