Nice little clean one, Bondi 7:30am


The swell came up yesterday with all that wind but it blew away as fast as it came. Last night I surfed waves around head high…this morning it was on the decline (bit messy too). You will still be able to surf as there are waves 1-3 foot –  it’s just not amazing. Nice morning though, good to see the sun blazing. Unfortunately this week looks a little light on in the swell department, but it’s going to be the first taste of summer so go down the beach regardless.

If you’re a female surfer and need to get away this may be for you.

Adios, ugios

Claire Alstin spring training

Waiting patiently

Shot just like last week but nicer tones...

Which peak?

Messy sets in the south corner

Joggers in the large expanse of sand at Bondi 7am

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