A fine intro in summer...


Oh boy, from now until the weekend the weather is gonna be just perfect here in Sydney. I’m talking mid to late twenties, clear skies and gentle northerlies. A nice introduction into summer. It’s a bonus that there is also a little, flimsy, weak wave floppin’ into Bondi as well. I saw waves around shoulder to (very occasional) head high this morning. The banks aren’t great…sometimes the waves are good on a particular tide, then gone within an hour. Just keep an eye on it.

If you want to check what the sun is doing to your skin, the Sun Sense UV Photo Bus is down at Bondi Beach today. (Wed 19th Oct) I’m not sure I wanna see what’s going on with all the sun I get.

Have a good day, :: uge

Longboarder enjoying the morning sunshine

Geoff, always out - every single morning

Sam Macintosh - Lip tickle

Round water.

Geoff, a cruza on the left. Bondi around 7:40am

Green walls in the south end

10 thoughts on “Fine

  1. Uge… Nice shots as always… gotta say just quietly its nice to see someone in the creative business making a commercial as well as artistic success out of their craft… its hard to sell well without selling out.. good to see the hard yards paying off.

    Quick Question – I am looking at the aquatech housing and planning to do more wet work… would you say that the canon 28mm 1.8 would suffice on a cropped sensor 60d, or would i need to budget for something a little wider…

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