Arlen from Coffs, finding some green lip

Sneaky swell

Hola. On Monday the forecast looked rather bleak – lots of zeros on the buoy charts. However the weather was looking impressive and I thought you’d be lying around Lake Bondi sunning it up. I’ve been surprised to find waves most days this week, albeit small ones. Today the SE swell has spiked up overnight and there are head high sets. The banks are horrible and most waves were closing out on the 8am low tide, but as the tide pushed in, and the before work crowds took off – there were a few funs ones. Enjoy.

We are about to hit 30,000 fans on our Facebook page. How about that? It’s only been 18 months.

Canon have released a new camera body this week. It looks like a serious bit of kit. I want one. They probably won’t ship until Feb 2012 but the 1DX is going to be every sports photographers dream with 12 frames-per-second bursts. Even better, the puppy is full frame (no crop factor) – good news for water photogs shootin’ wide in the open mouths of tubes.

Go outside, it’s damn fine day (25) :: uge

I bet you didn't think you'd see waves like this today

Joggercam Bondi 6:30am

Wheels, grinding through the chandeliers

All aboard! A team wave

Morning drop in

I've got it all set up for you down here, what time you down?

14 thoughts on “Sneaky swell

    1. agreed…drop in wall of shame could be a great idea…I went for my 1st after work surf of the summer last night and wished I hadn’t. happens every wave, and its not beginners either

    2. such a good idea, people need to know they are not anonymous and cant get away with whatever they want. this is still the home break for alot of people…

  1. Hey Uge,
    I have noticed lately that you are often not putting the location/time of your shots – any reason for the change? I actually really enjoy seeing where they were taken and the time (especially to watch as the light changes throughout the season). Some of them are obvious due to the background, but other wave shots its not clear whether its south/north/mid Bondi or another beach.
    Anyways, just a suggestion for improvement, your photos and blurb are fantastic as always!

  2. I have moved to London in the last month and my favourite thing every morning is to wake up and look at your shots of beautiful bondi!!!! Must say that it does make me crave a soft sand run and a dive under a wave! Thank you for bringing a bit of Bondi to me every morning xx

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