Not much to work with down here, very different to yesterday

24 hours

It’s hard to believe that today and yesterday live in the same week. Working out what to wear today was confusing, jumper or boardies – how can it possibly go from steamy summer’s bake to Grey, wintery chills in 24 hours? The south wind is up and there is barely anything to surf. Best wait until the flanking southerly swell arrives. It pouring with rain right now as I write this.


The Bondi Single Fin Classic is back on this year running on Saturday November 5th from 8am. All the local legends come back to Bondi for this day, Ant Corro, Cheyne Horan, Dave Davo…entries are $50 and you have to ride a pre-70’s single fin that’s been sitting under your house for years. If you surf Bondi – enter. I have. webby

Adios :: uge

Now that's a pair of bright blue thongs

It's trying...

Gorilla on the nose. Bondi around 7:20am

George, he's got the best sunrise shots on that little phone of his.

Flock of birds heading north to clearer skies

Bondi 7am, definitely not cranking.

8 thoughts on “24 hours

  1. Morning, Can anyone name an Aussie film release that Uge advertised a few weeks ago, about a few surfers who go on a surf trip on a boat??

  2. Cheers Kev, much appreciated….I think Samb0 that its a new release?!…so won’t be out unless on down some dodgy streets on DVD just yet!

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