Bondi 7:10am A Mal rider drifts along on a 1 footer

basking in the sun

3 good reasons to hit the beach right now.

1) It is gonna be a fat 32 degrees
2) It is gonna rain for the rest of the week
3) It is just perfect down there right now, ok, some waves would be nice, but you can’t have everything

Waves will come Wed/Thursday.

Bye for now :: uge

Hard at work.

Johnny Worner has the right idea to start the day.

Debs, Nigey, Cecile

Wave of the day, don't get too excited Bondi 7:20am

The masses hittin' Bondi on the weekend

South Bondi crew

17 thoughts on “basking in the sun

  1. your shots get better and better – these are awesome – could be anywhere in the world – thanks uge for the slices of magic you send us everyday – good for roaming aussie hearts to stay connected to the source.

  2. Uge…Ahh Summer is coming, thankfully Ive escaped the cold English Winter for a Chilean Summer, but its still pretty nippy out there in the Pacific…and the waves, in Arica, have been less than perfect….!!

    I was wondering as there no decent waves here…what was that film you advertised a few weeks ago about some Surfers who go on a surf trip, it looked GOOOd!

    I hope to visit Bondi soon! All the best from Lucy in Arica, Chile….

  3. Always great…I look forward to the new photographs every day. And great to see Bondi…brilliant at any time of the year

  4. there is no other word then STUNNING for this first pic on the page!!!!!

    amazing, looked at it the 5th time at least today!!! wont be the last time, im sure…

    cheers from vienna, europe!

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