Manly 12:20 Tom Carroll, Backhand attack


Afternoon. Late one I know.

Today’s update comes from the boot of my car as we’re at the SurfAid SurfTag event surfing for charity. (at Manly)

Thank you for everyone that donated to our team – we raised nearly $10k for SurfAid.

The waves are small, 2ish, maybe 3 footish. Better with the incoming tide. Manly definitely doesn’t like the south swell direction.

The sun is out and the weekend looks amazing. Come down to watch the finals at Manly (now) or get to the beach over the weekend

Cheers, :: uge

Manly, 11am low tide skies

The big Dougie Lees

Queenscliff Rip

Little 2-3 footers at Manly today

Manly, Local world champ Layne and her team

16 thoughts on “Surftag

  1. I am a 50 yr old woman sitting in an office in Darwin. When I was a teenager in Brisbance, “Grommets” were considered about as unusual at today’s “Goths”, harmelss but different. Now, as I look forward to receiving your email each morning, I pray that I’ll come back as a Grommet in my next life. Thanks for the peace (and giggles) which each day’s photos brings.

      1. Yep, I heard the news after writing my comment. Apologies. In the Australian they had an article about why KS is not rated in the Top 10 greatest sportsmen in the world. Maybe this is because surfing is not taken seriously enough by others especially when our own judges can’t even get the maths right. It makes the surfing world tour look like a joke!

    1. SurfAid is a charity that helps people in the Mentawai Islands survive. It’s a poor area and the best surf location in the world – hands down. most surfers go there. uge

  2. Nearly 3 years since I left Sydney, now back in the UK, used to surf at Manly, Curly and Dee Why. Love these shots – may I return one day!

  3. Some Great shots Uge! But Manly + other Northern beaches is such a beautiful place to be, would be great to see some more shots based around there. But love your shots anyways regardless of where they are

  4. Mr Lees looked like someone I’d happily buy a used car from, so checked Surfing World and was pleased to see he works there. Nice portrait.

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