Bondi 5:35am, Sunrise Zebras


We have experienced a few solid beach days and today is no exception. Carnivale Bondi was frantic over the weekend… Sculptures by the Sea opened and drawing millions whilst the Annual Single Fin Classic stirred a few laughs as the old boys danced (I think you can call it that) and surfed 5-6 foot Bondi closeouts on 70’s contraptions. You could not fit any more people in the hood – try driving up Bondi Road yesterday.

Today the swell has dropped (1-2ft), the water temp defaulted to a crispy 18 and the sunshine is blaring. Go for a dip. I can’t see any decent swell for a while, so grab a fish/mal/matt and have a mess around.

:: uge

Bondi 6:50am Geoff Knapp, the new dad letting rip

Vaughan Blank, lagging again.

Got the boards on the roof - where we headed?

Bondi 7:00am neat little right, 1-2 foot and fun.

Bondi on the weekend was real busy.

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  1. Hi Uge

    why do you give the waves size in imperial measurements eg 1-2 footers instead of using metric which most of your young readers would understand far better. Apart from that I look forward to checking my inbox everyday to get your comments and Bondi pics. keep well

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