Bondi 6:30am, a grom having fun on the shorey

Good Morning

Good morning.
Wasn’t it just.

The beach was rammed this morning, early. I walked around with someone from New York and they were blown away at the masses doing stuff on the beach at 6:30am. I don’t think many places in the world have so many people so active so early. The surf was not so exciting. Waves broke mainly around knee to waist high, infrequently. Good for a mal cruze or a swim.


Last Thursday Kelly Slater was crowned the world champion for the 11th time. Last Saturday the ASP reversed the decision, embarrassed by a miscalculation asking for the crown back. The Ke11y gear became collectors’ items. Then finally yesterday Kelly Slater was officially crowned the champion again…for the 12th time. Think they just wanted to have 2 parties to celebrate. I would.


Whilst on world news, little Brazilian whippet Gabriel Medina just won the Rip Curl Pro held at San Francisco. Gabs is the biggest thing to come out of Brazo since Adriano. He is amazing to watch. Being only 17, what a huge future the kid has.

Tamarama 5:45am, pink skies over wire sculptures (thought of that on my own)

The old pushie is gettin' a bit hard to ride up Bondi Road hill

Icebergs crew training

Even on a packed morning, you can still find some spare room

Keiron, Bondi, around 7:20am, sliding

Bondi 7:00am - the beach was PACKED this morning

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  1. Hey Uge,

    Really love Aqua Bumps. Gives me a little bit of inspiration every morning when I check my email over here in the UK. Also gets me really excited about coming back to Aus for Christmas! Keep up the good work 🙂


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