Bondi 6:00am, local rippper Pama Davies

Good times

Good times down the beach this morning. Good times. I had so much fun. The weather is freaky at the moment – either pouring and thunderstorms or summer heaven. Today the latter.

The waves are micro and around your kneecaps. The water is decent, 19. The banks are ok, 2 peaks with a fun shore break in the south with a steep slope.

By lunchtime I reckon the clouds will roll over bringing all manner of thunder bolts. It’s going to remain warm and muggy – like Bali. They say 30 degrees is the max.

I don’t think you will find waves today, tomorrow or the next. Enjoy the heat.

I am selling a little Aprilia Scooter on ebay, great for around the beaches. Will go super cheap.

Adios :: uge

Jed dressing up as Santa Claus, beard and all Bondi 7:00am

Bondi froth pit on the steep shoreline

Keiron, dancing the plank

Shaaaweee curler

Bondi 7:10am, down the line with a pretty board

This guy gets way too many pics on Aquabumps

18 thoughts on “Good times

  1. Love the “Bondi froth pit” that is a good enough reason to use a canon that can handle such a shutter speed with phenomenal results.
    Have you had a look at the 1DX yet?

    1. 1dx doesn’t come out until next year…well, they’ve launched and taking orders, but shipped in a few months. I will have one soon!

  2. After receiving your emails for something like 5 years – I think that photo of Jed is probably the best shot I have seen. It is just a cracker & put a smile on my face.

  3. Jed is a mad man…he lived down the hall from me on the top floor at 14 Edward St. I locked myself out once and he offered to climb up from the below floor balcony as my balcony door was open……I used a locksmith.

    1. Hi Matt, yes, you need a license in NSW (sometimes not in other states). it’s so easy to get a license. Takes 1 day. Do it summer is coming.

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