What a move, what do we call this?Backwash Superman? How did he get there?


Last night’s sweltering heat brought everyone down the beach this morning…just not the waves.

The mercury did not drop below 24.2 degrees last night, just a smidge of the all-time hottest night record for November (24.8).

So if you couldn’t sleep last night – that’s why. I couldn’t.

When I got down the beach this morning it was grey, flat like a lake (ok, little 1 foot chuggers) and barely any wind. Real muggy like Asia.

Bondi had thousands out doing their morning rituals, bootie camps going nuts, helicopters circling whilst girls dig for 1 million dollars (some radio show comp).

hey – was this the biggest wave ever ridden last night by Hawaiian Garrett McNamara in Portugal?

Or how about watching Nathan Oldfield’s new little vid on alternative surf vehicles.

Adios, uge

Paul Page and Izi Page

Want a wave, this is what you gotta do.

Bondi 7am, high fives all round.

Big wave Luke, not happy with his options this morning

Bondi dribblers

A couple girls havin' a chat before work

20 thoughts on “Swelter

  1. Hey Uge

    Been getting your emails for a few months now and I have to say a BIG THANK YOU! Puts a smile on my face every day. Some of your pictures just blow me away!

    Keep up the amazing work!

    Cheers, 😉

  2. i want to come up to bondi on the weekend for a surf just to i can get in one of your photos, wat time do u get there in the mornings!

    1. Stella, 2 things will conspire against you

      Firstly whilst it looks to us poor fools like fun rather than work Uge has lifehacked himself into taking beautiful pictures during the week for a living … With the weekend being for Whatever Uge does for fun

      Secondly weekend surf crowds at bondi … Well you saw the 2 guys locked in mortal combat for a dribbler at 7 am on a weekday …..

  3. Hi Uge, I’m currently living in London and finally making the move to Sydney on the 1st Jan. I’ve been receiving your photos for the past 6 months (since I managed to secure the move) and they’ve been a daily source of excitement at the prospect. My girlfriend and I have already picked out a photos of yours that we’ve decided to buy ourselves as a house-warming present so look foward to coming in to the gallery to say hi and thanks personally for the emails. Anyway, really enjoyed today’s photos; especially the “high 5s all round” – really captures the before-work holiday feel that you simply don’t have in many other cities.

  4. Re the wave rugby: Well done Ando! Get that guy off your wave… ;). Uge…I’m in Argentinian Patagonia at the moment where it’s all ice and cold…but still checking in on the Bondi surf :). Thank you for the great pics!

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