Bondi 7:10am - does you local beach look like this in the morning?


Hey there, today is unique. It’s the 11th day of the 11th Month of the 11th year. Superstitious people say that’s a lucky day. A day to get hitched, hit the casino or try have that baby. We’re kinda lucky down the beach as the waves came up overnight – head high ones. Ok, it’s a little messy and driven by a wind swell, yet it is the best surf day of this week. Bondi was packed (no surprises there), girls were hula hooping on the broadwalk, the carpark was full, and the cafés had queues – and that is all before 7am.

The weekend looks ok for beach time. Waves will be 1-2 foot (NE) and the sun will pop out intermittently between the typical arvo thunderstorms.

Adios :: uge

Brody and Lil' harper from Flying Squirrel

End of session, Luke at Tama

All rights this morning, not bad head high sets

Bondi 7:00am, nice little righthander peeling in the south

Got the umbrella up and ready, coming down?

Jay Harrison waving at some buddies

12 thoughts on “11.11.11

  1. I’m not superstitious, i remember the the 11th of the 11th as the day we remember those men and women who so vailiantly fought and died in the quest for ours and others freedom and for this Great Southland that we call home.

  2. i cant believe people sre still so ignorant as to continue to peddle that simplistic jingoistic “fought for our freedom” bull shit.those soldiers were deceived. It was nothing but a skirmish among he colonial powers in the dying days of empire.One could argue that the current invasion of Afghanistan is a continuation in the colonial struggle to carve up interests in the middle east (and north africa) never have so many been deceived by so few for the enrichment of even fewer. lets call a spade a spade people so that our sons and daughters are less likel yto be duped by the poerwful.

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