Lost your towel? Check the surf rake. Sweet justice.

The bogged surf rake

You know it’s going to be a surfless week when your wifie says “honk, seeing there is no swell for 8 days … it’s gonna be a swell drought … you know that right? …  so, can you help around the house a bit more?” …breathe…the closest my wifie has got to reading internet swell buoy forecasts is her wish list on Net-a-Porter. Needless to say, wifie is right, it’s tiny and around your kneecaps. Tomorrow same-same. Wed, micro, Thursday, tiny blah blah – think you get the picture. There’s at least one zero next to most dates this week on the buoys. Hopefully a surprise wind swell will kick in. Look on the bright side – it’s going to be a fat 32 degrees today.Oil up.

The Aquabumps Gallery is from now until Christmas Eve open 7 days a week, which includes today (Mondays are normally our day of rest, surf and meaningless meanderings). You can find us at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach or on the end of this phone line 9130 7788 if you have any questions. You can browse our catalogue online here. Xmas is 6 weeks away!

How about the surf rake getting bogged this morning! Ha. And wowser, what a fog that just rolled in across the bay.

If you watched Sunrise this morning you’ll know I’m judging the new Canon EOS Inspires competition – which is open to you all. Enter

Check out our 10 page spread (and cover) in this month’s Digital Photography Magazine.

Seeyouse :: u g i o

Bondi 7am, dribbles

Bondi 6:45am Go for a jog and swim

Bondi 7:20am backwash

Grom bed head. Lil' Pete.

8am, Bondi fog smoking the bay

My hobbit feet

12 thoughts on “The bogged surf rake

  1. just entered the umbrella competition by Canon….I hope you really like my pic because I really would love love love to win a new digital SLR as I DONT HAVE ONE right now! and I am stuck making the most of a point and shoot compact, I also have an interesting back story if interested but let that not influence the credibility of the pic I entered….love your work!

  2. hi there love ur work,just thought id check out ur page since it was on the competion page!!!
    Hoping u like my shoot that i did with my iphone 3gs LOL augh, im no pro at it but i am that girl at the parties with the camera LOL
    i love it and my daughter loves to pose

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