Nothing better than a swim before work. Tamarama 6:20am


Gotta love this time of year. The days are hot and the nights cool after a violent smotherly let’s rip.

Everybody is out doing something…no matter what time of day. Bondi is…well…you guessed it, packed. Packed at sunrise, packed at sundown. Packed.

The waves were terrible this morning. Bits and pieces of wind chop crumbling here and there. Nice too cool off when in. Go swim.

Christmas is nearing. If you’re thinking of buying Aquabumps artwork for your friends and family, better start talking or browsing. Artwork can take up to 3 weeks to make. Aquabumps Gallery t: 9130 7788

Adios :: ugios

Nice style man, very laid back indeed

Mad Max is back behind the wheel...

Do you think people like the mornings here? Bondi 7am

Bondi Backpackers

All tuckered out after a big paddle, working on the base tan

5 thoughts on “Summer

  1. hey uge ! just recently ive started surfing in bondi im looking for somthing cheap to capture under the water i am currently using a dslr nikon d3100 great camera !! and ive seen those plastic under water selves but i don’t trust them ! what are my opotions and have you ever heard of Kodak under water film camera what do you recon is the quality good on them ?

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