Chuggin' down the line.


Ahoy there. So…this plague of small swell remains and the boys in the car park are getting’ restless. Bondi had this cute little rip-bowl-1-foot wonder, suitable for a plank around 10 feet long. Or if you’re new to the sport – today’s cranking. I can’t see any improvement for some time. You really need to start thinking about other sports.

If you are planning to give Aquabumps artworks away this Christmas, and want to custom order something (and not from our 500 options in the store), it’s time to get sorted. We can deliver globally but you have to allow plenty of time for it, as all artworks are hand-made in Australia, 1 by 1, then inspected, then boxed/crated and air freighter to your door. That stuff takes a decent chunk of time. Follow these deadlines below to avoid disappointment (and last minute stress). Order now or call us 02 9130 7788 with questions.

Sunday 11th December Local Pick Up 2-3 weeks For those living in Sydney and wish to pick up their order from our Bondi Gallery
Sunday 4th December Within Australia 3+ weeks For those living in Sydney or interstate, and we are delivering to you
Sunday 27th November International 4 weeks For those good peeps overseas. Seeing all countries will are different and customs dudes can give grief, the sooner the better. 4 weeks is just a estimate.

bye :: uge

PS My scooter is about to go on ebay

Rob Norman, morning dip

1 more and then I'm off to work for sure.

Log trimmings

Bondi 7:10am, Sarah the cookie baker

Arty Shorey.

11 thoughts on “twitchy

  1. Heading off to work – this is such a different Bondi perspective, love how you’ve got both nth/sth heads in the frame and lake Bondi in between. Bliss. All other shots incredible as usual.

  2. i agree with Tobytids it is true.
    PS it would be pretty funny to see a fat guy surfing!! 🙂 It would attract heaps of viewers.

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