Tamarama 5:50am this morning - colour spash

the goods

Greetings. I liked what I saw this morning. Plenty of colour in the sky early, the Sculpture by the sea are out and there is a solid 3 foot swell hittin’ town. It’s clean and plenty of waves on offer.

This dreamy picture will transform later today, showers predicted tonight and the southerly will blow around midday (kinda soon). Go surf.

The forecast for this weekend is looking sweet. 27 sunny Saturday, 29 mostly sunny Sunday.

Our little buddies on the Mentawai Charter boat Tengirri are organising their bookings for 2012. They’re even discounting Feb and March trips (early season). Good time of year to go as the land camps are closed, can do single bookings and not as many boats early – hit it. Contact Ant

Good bye :: uge

Peek-A-Boo. Bondi 7:00am

Bronte, 6:20am little wave on the reef

Gibbo, at Bondi - nice hook

Tamarama 6am, Scultpure by the sea is on for another year.


Go straight and go fast...

11 thoughts on “the goods

  1. Wow. Great shots today Uge, ‘straight and fast’ is a cracker. Just wish there weren’t so many of close-outs with those gems!

      1. Unfortunately not.I love the composition, colour, lighting and the anticipation (wave in between the rails)….awesome!
        Andy turned 40 today, so he is getting up there too!

  2. What’s the outlook for tomorrow? Considering doing the Sculptures walk at sunrise to avoid the crowds, but last year my friends and I nearly drowned in a massive downpour…would love to avoid that this year!

  3. Nice one Uge… best set for a couple of days from you sir… I know it helps when the weather plays ball… defo more inspired than yesterday.

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