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Normally I wouldn’t put today in the ‘hey there’s a little wave on’ category, but seeing we’ve had a wave deprived week and you’re all in a bad mood – there’s a ‘little’ wave on in the corner of Bondi. You will need plenty of float to get going, the 20 x 3 inch variety, but at least you can get wet, walk the plank and go to work feeling great.

It is going to be very small or flat again until next Wednesday. Way way down the end of the month you may get a chunky south swell – but that’s too far.

Tomorrow it is going to be 30 degrees and perfectly sunny. A classic beach day. I’m going to fly the little chopper over the beaches of the east between 2-3pm…not sure where we’ll be spending most of our time, probably Maroubra to Bondi…look out for us and you can get in one of our aerial images. If you’re coming to see the Scultpures by the Sea don’t forget to drop into our gallery, 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026 Telephone 9130 7788. Our book is back in stock!

Seeya :: uge

The left looks like the pick.

Hanging out waiting for a wave.

Surf boat

Girls going for a bay crossing.

Bondi Pavillion

See, that is a wave, a very small one. Bondi 7am

12 thoughts on “moody

  1. That little right hander in the last shot is small but swinging down that bank nicely. Dude on the red board has mad stylez.

  2. The right in that last pic is small but they were swinging down that bank nicely. Dude on the red longboard had mad styles.

  3. Sorry thisis not a comment but an enquiry. I entered the Sunrise competion with canno where the only rule is that it must have an umbrella in it. It said my entry was accepted but I cannot see it in the gallery. Can youlet me know if my entry is there. It is called indecision.
    Thanks Helen

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