The closeout

Tiger Stripes

It’s been so flat lately. Looks like today is the turning point though….last night waves came up and now we have 2 foot chuggers fizzing to the beach. It’s not smoking, but surfable. Tomorrow and Thursday should be bigger (3-4ft) but possibly flanked with southerlies. See a wave, surf it I reckon. Cool clouds in the sky this morning – stripes all the way to the horizon.

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Good bye :: uge

Bike Club, Icebergs 7am


Chuggin' on the left, Bondi 7:20am

Look, that's a wave. Bondi 7am

Joe Dirt, grovelling on the shorey

Soft sand joggers down at Bondi

10 thoughts on “Tiger Stripes

      1. Hi Uge,

        Round of 128, heat 15. Back in the water tomorrow round of 96 heat 15 again. Good luck

        The waves in Haleiwa weren’t much better than Bondi today


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