This is Bondi beach around 6:30 today, not much good to you

A work day…

Today is one of THOSE days where you’re better off sittin’ in the office. It’s that 1 day in 90 where it’s flat like a lake and pouring with rain, hang on – the southerly just blew in as well. So now its flat and junkie – wow. Not pretty.

The good news is that the rain is meant to subside and the swell is meant to pick up later (3ft by nightfall) – fingers crossed.

Here is a list of things to keep you occupied in the meantime:

• Watch Jamie O’Brien’s latest film made by the famous Vincent Laforet – it’s good.
• I’ve always thought frenchies are a bit nuts, but these frenchies are off their head.
• Buy an Aquabumps Book online for a friend (and we do all the hard work = delivery)

Ends :: uge

Human torpedo Jim Olivier

I want to be here.

The spill

Duck diving the green

C-Leb drifting

The blue abyss

13 thoughts on “A work day…

  1. Uge,

    Seems you were a bit premature with your prediction yesterday of 3ft, thought you knew something I didnt… with this ringing in my head I braved the rain and cold hoping to score some gold!

    pah…..flat, and the water quality dodgy. I turned and headed back the way I came a little wetter and a little colder cursing that bloody photographer!


    1. Whooops. Sorry. It looked like it was coming then overnight she bottomed out. Keep and eye on it. Should come late today. Should. uge

  2. Uge this might sound stupid but could there be a chance of you placing all the settings of your images say below each one. Lens used F stops and so on or is that going to be a pain to do.

  3. In addition to Steves request can you please put yo credit card detail and da 3 digit number on da back please to the bottom of your photo, please. I have some monay I want to give you yougene!

    1. HI HIROYUKI you’ve been removed. thanks, uge
      PS – there is a big button on the button of the daily that says REMOVE FROM LIST

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