Popping a bit of air


It’s fair to say when windsurfers are doing loops out the back of Bondi in 15-20 knot gusts that the surf conditions probably aren’t ideal.

Ok, it’s horrible today. Onshore, mush, slush, mixed in with skanky rain water runoff. Kinda cold and still raining – completely the opposite to W.A which is experiencing 37 degree swelter. Margaret River is also under seize by a raging bush fire today. There are so many houses hidden amongst the bushes…let’s hope the heat and winds die down soon so they can get that blaze under control. I can’t believe that fire was deliberately lit as a part of the burning off. (who would do that in 50 knots and 37 degrees)

:: uge

Bondi Pavilion

Bondi 7am You've got competition today for waves

F-Truck - love these

Stormy skies and procrastinating surfers

Arlen, that is not a good looking wave - at all.

Today's onshore mess

18 thoughts on “Gusty

  1. Mate,

    I dig the Bondi pavillion pic. Also, if you see a Toyota Landcruiser FJ450 longwheelbase (the old school paddock bashers), can you please snap some. I think these vehicles are quite photo-genic.

  2. that f truck is my big brown betty! that’s her bad side – some ass stole her hubcap… feel free to take pics of her anytime uge!

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